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Each company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential and is not the way we think at Mezey Holdings, Corp. We deliver customized business and financial solutions, tailored to you – your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges as a leading brand. Mezey Holdings, Corp. owns, co-owns, creates and invests in companies with high growth potential which, are revenue, asset producing or distribution ready brands such as: Superstar Management Group, Inc., The Social Jet, Fuck Yeah Films, Fuck Yeah Records, Simply Zina, Vitamin B Fragrances, The Tour Of Champions, Nirvana Coconut Rum, Crave The W, Beach Tennis USA - ITF, B1G B TV, Over Rev'd Energy Shots, JLR Racing Wear by Red Chapter Clothing, B1G B Fashions, etc. We sell our brands on Etsy, Alibaba, Exporters India, Amazon, iTunes, Fandango, Vimeo, YouTube, Pantaflix, Google Play, Tunecore, and eBay as well in major retailers, social media shopping platforms, and also globally, etc.



What We Do

Mezey Holdings, Corp. Coming Soon (OTCM) TM

Mezey Holdings, Corp. Coming Soon to the (OTCM) is a $50 Million net worth U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission reporting private company under regulation D (Rule 506c) of the 1933 U.S. Securities and Exchange Act being an accredited SEC investment for accredited institutional and private non-accredited investors. Mezey Holdings, Corp. is a Miami, New York City, Los Angeles and Tel -  Aviv based leading and renowned upcoming holding company which, owns several upcoming and established private boutique companies in the entertainment, sports marketing, film production, sporting events, music events, artist management, fragrance, skin care, supplements, fashion, IPTV, film distribution, reality television, fine wines, spirits, prospective resorts, domain management, and social media management industry's. Mezey Holdings, Corp. companies include the following industry rising brands and companies listed on our website encompassing our unique business model, brand strategies with innovative ideas which, nobody else thinks of in the sports, entertainment, events, real estate, and or social media industry's. Mezey Holdings, Corp. is a holding company in appraised and authenticated hard tangible assets, entertainment, sports properties, revenues, liquid capital, and is a registered State Of Florida Corporation.